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A water slide is guaranteed to give your children a splashing time this summer - and we have an impressive range available at the best prices around.

Water slides are all the rage as boys and girls get down to some serious fun in their gardens during the summer months - along with the bouncy castle and trampoline, they have become a common feature in homes throughout the UK.

You can buy a water slide for less than £10 and some come with inflatable features which add to the fun experience. We also feature some bouncy castles with an integrated slide.

Many have an attachment for a garden hose which supplies the water slide with an endless jet of water. You must ensure your lawn is free of protruding objects before using a slide.

Some of our luxury water slides come with a splash pool at the end so boys and girls can get a real soaking after their journey along the slide.


A Water Slide is a ‘cool’ way for kids to have fun in the garden

A water slide is a great play thing for keeping your kids cool on a hot summer’s day - and also for providing hours of fun and excitement with their friends.

We feature dozens of cheap water slides, often based on popular kids cartoon, movie and TV characters and some come with additional attractions such as a splash pool at the end of the slide or a water jet soaker system. Popular themes for water slides include Roary the Racing Car, Ben10, Thomas the Tank Engine, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Disney Princess.

You can buy a basic cheap water slide for less than £10 but you can expect to pay more for a luxury inflatable water slide such as the popular Cannonball Splash model. Top of the price range are the bouncy castle and water slide combo products which include the Pirate Bay Inflatable Water Slide Park and Bouncy Castle or the Duplay 11 in 1 Play Centre bouncy castle which includes a long slide and is powered by an electric fan blower.

And if you feel like really ‘splashing out’ there’s an amazing product called a Happy Hop Mini Water Park available to buy - this is like having an actual water park in your garden and includes two water slides, climbing wall, ball hoop, jumping bouncy castle and a slide tunnel.

Using most water slides is simplicity itself. You simply roll out the slide on an area of lawn after checking there are no sharp objects on the ground which could injure a child or tear the slide. Then you simply soak the plastic slide to make it slippy and let your kids dive onto the slide at one end, and the wet plastic will send them hurtling to the other end. Many water slides connect to a garden hose which feeds a supply of water through to a series of little jets positioned along the water slide, providing a constant source of water to keep the slide wet and cool.

A small water slide will only be around 10ft in length but there are much larger slides available too for even more fun including 15ft, 16ft, 18ft and 20ft models. There are slides available in sizes to suit all ages of toddlers, infants and older boys and girls. Some water slides come with little inflatable kick boards which are a bit like surfboards which kids can lie on when gliding along the slide. These are great for infants and toddlers as it ensures they can’t hurt themselves on hard or uneven ground.

Kids water slides are available to buy from many reputable brand names, with the Bestway Slip and Slide range among the most popular. We have dozens of great water slides available from leading UK stores including Amazon.

Take a look at our range of bouncy castles for sale too - we’re sure you’ll find a great deal, whether you’re looking for a cheap bouncy castle or luxury large bouncy castles from top brands including Duplay and Intex.