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Types of  Inflatable Bouncy Castle

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Types of inflatable bouncy castles for your garden

All types of bouncy castle are inflatable structures that allow children to literally to bounce on them. Small castles are specifically for young boys and girls but larger structures are ideal for teenagers and adults to jump around on also.

There are plain castles that look like castles with a bouncy lawn in front, and there are more complex models including ones which are great fun for all the family - these are perfect for an 18th birthday or any other kind of party where young adults can let loose for a while.

There are plenty of cheap mini bouncers for sale on a variety of kids themes including Winnie the Pooh and other Disney characters, Batman, Spiderman, Disney Princess, Cars, Clowns and Thomas the Tank Engine. Most come in a standard size of 12 foot x 12 foot and these really are the most suitable choice for smaller children. The Jump-O-Lene range of smaller castles are very popular and their transparent sides allow mum and dad to keep a watchful eye on their little ones.

You can place a small bouncer in the back garden or even indoors during the winter months when they will keep young children occupied when it’s too cold to play outdoors. These compact castles will accommodate up to 8 children. The smallest castle you can buy measures 10 feet x 10 feet and is good for 6 children or fewer.

The 18 ft variety of castle normally comes with 6 ft walls - which makes them good for young adults too - and many of them have an arch or a gateway that creates an opening to the interior of the castle. This certainly gives it a cozy feel. It gets even better with the jungle-themed bouncers which normally measure 30' x 10' and feature a doorway to many bouncy wonders.

These large or giant castles into the category of 'activity' bouncers. You can find several other types, including ships, and gladiator or sumo rings. For the gladiator theme, you can have the children use padded pugil sticks (under supervision) to try to knock each other down without causing harm. Headgear and sticks usually come bundled with this theme. The sumo bouncer comes with complete sumo suits with protection for the head and the neck.

Large slide bouncers include one or more slides with the castle (or whatever the theme is). The typical castle has slides leading out of the structure. The obstacle course type of bouncer has a more complicated and interesting design where the slides protrude through holes and you get to ride on them only after successfully completing the course.

Some other large bouncy castles have super additional features attached to them such as a ball pit or paddling pool.

Another type of castle has an enclosed space where the entrance is often through a window - which kids love - with provision for turning it into a ball pit as well.

If you are entertaining a lot of kids, the  top of the range 47 feet x 10 feet assault bouncer will be ideal, complete with a tunnel and a slide. And if you wish to really go for it, get your kids a bouncy castle with a slider that ends in an attached pool that will actually hold water for them splash around in. This is likely to cost more than £200, but will certainly be worth the price considering the fun and entertainment it will offer.

Bouncy castles are fun, but they can be dangerous if children are allowed to play on them unsupervised. No matter what type of bouncy castle you opt for, make certain that it is pegged down firmly, especially if it’s a bit windy outside - there have been accidents where entire castles were blown away while children were still playing in them.

If you have a giant inflatable castle, take care also to supervise the electric outlet that powers the pump or the fan that inflates the structure. You have to leave the fan running at all times to maintain optimum bounce. Most accidents on bouncy castles have occurred due to lack of supervision or faulty installation - these are things that are easily remedied if proper care and attention is taken.

You should take some time to consider exactly which castle is best for you - obviously a small one is your only option is your garden area is very small - but if you have the space for a larger one, then that’s the way to go if you want to ensure hours of fun for all the family. Don’t forget little children will grow into bigger children - so it won’t be long before they are ready to move up to a larger castle anyway.