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A boom in trampoline sales has been sweeping the UK in recent years as more and more families buy one for their garden.

Along with the bouncy castle, the trampoline is now a common garden feature and provides a source of endless activity for boys and girls - and plenty of grown-ups too. Jumping around on a trampoline is great exercise and a feast of fun and enjoyment.

Trampolines are available in a range of sizes including 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft and many come with a net enclosure to enable children to use them safely. We feature many cheap mini trampolines as well as the more expensive models.

There’s not shortage or stores selling trampolines these days in the UK - we bring you a huge range of trampolines from reputable shopping giant Amazon. So if you want to buy a trampoline you should find something to suit your budget.

For full details about a particular trampoline just click the ‘Shop Now’ button.


A trampoline in all sizes for your garden - 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft  and 14ft

A trampoline is another popular jumping and bouncing play feature for your garden - and a great alternative to a bouncy castle. In fact, if your garden is large enough, why not buy both!

We feature dozens of trampolines, with or without an enclosure - for a cheap trampoline for young children - to giant trampolines for kids and adults, ranging up to 14ft in diameter. Plenty of UK stores sell trampolines these days including Argos, B&Q, Homebase, John Lewis, Tesco, Mothercare, Woolworths, Wilkinsons, Garden Centre Online, Ebay and Amazon.

A trampoline is a great addition to any garden and provides the perfect opportunity for children and adults alike to get some healthy exercise outdoors in the summer months. Many of our featured trampolines are the folding variety which can be easily stored away during the winter months to protect them from the rain and snow.

Safety is a priority when trampolines are concerned so most of the products here will include a safety tranpoline, complete with a net and padded spring surround cover   Some also include a ladder, trampoline weather cover and a shoe holder. They are often made from rust-free galvanised steel which is durable and sturdy. Many of the major brands of trampoline are featured here including Duplay Orbit, JumpKing, Activo, Vortigern, Be Active, Plum, Kanga, Reebok and Jump for Fun.

We have trampolines for sale to suit all sizes of garden so you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that meets your needs.

The 8ft trampoline is one of the most popular sizes and we have plenty for you to take a look at - if you’re looking for a small exercise trampoline or junior trampoline, a 6ft trampoline, 10ft trampoline, 12ft trampoline or super size 14ft trampoline - we have dozens available in those sizes too.

Trampolines are available in many different colours including blue, green, black, silver, pink and red. Some trampolines are easier to assemble than others so it’s worth taking a bit of time to view a few products to find the ideal one for you. Most trampolines are round in shape but some are available in square, rectangular or even oval variations.

A bouncy castle is a great plaything for kids who just want to bounce around and have some fun - a trampoline, however, is still great fun, but offers the chance to develop your balance and coordination skills, and progress to higher levels of ability.

A trampoline can provide hours of healthy exercise for boys and girls, and mum and dad can climb aboard too, making this great garden feature something for all the family.

We also invite you to check out our huge range of bouncy castles for sale, from cheap to expensive bouncy castles, and our inflatable ball pit range for young toddlers and infants.

Trampolines not only provide a huge amount of fun, but they are also offer a fantastic way of exercise.

There are some trampolines which are mainly geared towards exercise and others which are targeted at an audience wanting to use them purely for fun and recreation.

Trampolines especially designed for an exercise regime are normally small and portable - there are often referred to as trampettes or rebounders.

They are easy to store even when completely made up, but they can be easily be taken apart after use and stowed away. Trampettes are ideally suited to indoor use, but are very portable so can be taken outside when the weather is good.

Typically they are around three foot in diameter they are primarily designed the low jumping types of exercises where users stay on their feet.  They are not designed to allow the full range actions that can be completed on a full size trampoline.

The most important thing to consider when buying an outdoor trampoline is size - you need to buy one which is suitable both for the space available for it, and the size of those who will be using it.

Trampolines are designed and tested up to a maximum weight which should not be exceeded.  Small trampolines, for example, often have a maximum single user weight of around 60kg, making them most suitable for children or small adults.

Most trampolines are put under a great deal of stress during normal use, meaning their components need to be of the highest quality and very strong, to ensure years of safe use.

A cheaper trampoline, made of inferior materials, is likely to have a shorter life span than a top quality product span - parts of it may start to degrade and need replacing, which could ultimately pose a safety risk.

It really is worth seeking the highest quality trampoline your budget can stretch to - not only will you have peace of mind that quality and safety standards will be adhered to, but your trampoline will typically last longer, with fewer instances of component wear and tear.

A trampoline is the sum of many important parts!

Let's take a quick look at the key components of a trampoline.

The frame provides the main structure for any trampoline, over which the ‘bed’ is stretched to create the jumping surface. Trampolines are usually shaped round, oval, square or rectangular in shape.

The frame should always be made of strong steel to cope with the high levels of stress it is subjected to when in use.

The legs of a trampoline raise it off the ground, providing the space underneath to allow for the downward movement of the trampoline bed.

Legs are normally constructed in such a way as to ensure each one gives a wide footprint to maximise the stability of the trampoline. Smaller trampolines usually have three legs, while larger models having four or more to maintain excellent stability.

The legs also undergo a high level of stress and carry a large amount of weight so, as with the frame, they are normally made of tough steel.

The trampoline bed is the large piece of tough, but flexible, fabric that is stretched across the frame the user jumps on.

The bed is usually contracted from a synthetic material, such as polypropylene - it has great strength, elasticity and resistance to wear and inclement weather conditions.

The trampoline bed is attached to the frame with steel springs, which provide some of the bounce in a trampoline, although the bed itself has a level of elasticity that contributes to the overall bounce.

The spring pad, often referred to as a padded surround, stretches over the edge of the frame, covering the springs and metal hooks that connect the bed and springs.

The pads are made of weather-proof fabric and provide a thick layer of padding, protecting users from impacts with the hard metal surfaces and from trapping toes or fingers in the springs as they expand.

Many people opt to buy a trampoline safety enclosure. This is designed to prevent users falling from the edge of the trampoline. For obvious reasons they are a very popular choice for families with young children

Safety enclosures comprise a series of tall metal poles, covered in padded foam sleeves, which extend upwards from the frame. An enclosure net is then suspended around the outside edge of the trampoline and secures onto the trampoline by hooking onto the springs. There is a zipped entry, which allows the user access to the trampoline, zipping it closed behind them for maximum safety.

The poles are usually made of tubular steel and have plastic caps on the top to prevent rain water filling the tubes. The netting is normally made of water-resistant polyethylene.

Some people choose to buy a trampoline safety skirt - these are designed to prevent injury by stopping people and pets from moving underneath the trampoline when in use.

These skirts sometimes feature handy storage pockets that allow the safe place to store shoes, watches, jewellery, mobile phones and other valuable items by anyone using the trampoline.

Another optional accessory is a trampoline weather cover. These protect the device from the elements, keeping it clean and dry and helping to extend its life span.

Trampoline anchor kits are also very popular, particularly in the UK where we often get wild and windy weather conditions. One of these kits will secure a trampoline to the ground, helping to prevent it from being blown away in high winds, as well as helping it to remain steady and stable when in use.

Step ladders are also available to make it easy to climb aboard a large trampoline easily and safely.

The usually have a powder-coated, rust-proof steel frame, with plastic steps. Some are adjustable to suit the required distance between the top of the trampoline and the ground.