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A paddling pool is a super play thing to have in your garden during the summer months to keep your kids cool, while having a splashing time too.

We have dozens of cheap to deluxe paddling pools from Amazon - whether you want to buy an inflatable paddling pool for kids and toddlers, or a giant metal frame pool for all the family, you’re sure to find something that appeals here - at the best prices available.

Garden paddling pools are available in various shapes, colours and sizes - and they are often themed on popular kids TV and cartoon characters including Thomas the Tank Engine, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Roary the Racing Car, Barbie and Cars.

Young boys and girls will play around for hours in a paddling pool and prices start at under £5 for a cheap pool. A paddling pool can also double up as a ball pit if you wish to fill it will loads of colourful ball pit balls. We bring you the top brands including Bestway and Intex.


An inflatable paddling pool is great fun for young boys and girls

Most young children love splashing around in a  small paddling pool in the garden on a hot summer’s day - and a large inflatable pool or solid-structure ‘above ground’ pool lets all the family join in the fun too.

We feature dozens of cheap paddling pools, ranging from just a few pounds to buy, to much larger luxury pools from top names including Bestway, Chad Valley, Intex and Fisher Price.

There are dozens of wonderful themes to choose from - popular kids’ television and movie characters like Thomas the Tank Engine and Disney’s Mickey Mouse or Little Princess, or animals and sea creatures including the giraffe, octopus, shark, whale, fish alligator, cow and turtle. It’s worth buying yourself a foot pump or electric pump for quick inflation so the fun can begin outdoors in a few minutes. Pop up paddling pools are a popular option as there’s no need to inflate them.

Paddling pools have been around many years and they are ideal for very young infants and toddlers, and the family size larger pools are the ideal choice if everyone want a great water experience. We have tracked down the best prices for paddling pools from top UK stores so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your budget.

You’ll find the best UK deals around here for all shapes and sizes of paddling pools in various shapes including oval, round, square and rectangular. Available colours include red, green, yellow, blue, pink, white, orange, purple and silver. The pop up paddling pool is a new innovation which erects your pool in an instant with no time wasted inflating it with a pump.

Some come with a handy protective roof hood built into the paddling pool which acts as a sun shade and protects little boys and girls from the harmful rays of the sun. Others have exciting accessories like a water sprayer or water slide attached.

We also bring you some great extra large or steel-framed ‘above the ground’ pools which make a great alternative to having a proper sunken swimming pool in your garden. These have a rigid frame and let everyone - mum and dad included - climb inside for a splashing time and some come with handy accessories like a side ladder, external pool filter pump or pool heater.

Babies, toddlers and infants should be supervised at all times buy an adult or older child when using a garden paddling pool to avoid the risk of an accident. A paddling pool is great for accompanying other outdoor garden play things like the bouncy castle, climbing frame or water slide. Some can also double up as a ball pit.

When summer arrives boys and girls love nothing more than getting outside in a garden and splashing around in a paddling pool. On a hot day they really need to cool down and a paddling pool helps them achieve this, while having plenty of fun too.

A paddling pool is a super feature to have around when your kids become very hot after playing on other garden attractions such as a climbing frame, bouncy castle or trampoline.

Inflatable paddling pools are lightweight and very easy to move around to any suitable location in your garden. Kids will play for hours in a paddling pool, allowing mum and dad to sit outside and relax in the sun while their children have hours of fun.

It’s wise to buy the best paddling pool you can afford to ensure it is made of tough and durable plastic, laminated PVC or other material. Nobody wants the fun to come to an abrupt end due to a rip or tear in the pool so it’s worth having a pool puncture repair patch kit to hand too.

It's amazing how many different playthings are available these days for kids in the garden during the hot summer months. Most children are now lucky enough to have a range of items in their garden to keep them busy and entertained during their school holiday period.

It's quite common to see sandpits and ball pits and paddling pools in the back garden of homes - and. of course, there's always a place for the faithful paddling pool. Kids love getting out into the garden during the summer months for some fun and games with their friends - and plenty healthy exercise and fresh air into the bargain.

You’ll find all the most popular sizes of paddling pool here - 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 10ft and even jumbo 12 foot pools. An extra large paddling pool can take a few hours to fill with water so don’t forget to take this into consideration.

A paddling pool provides a feast of fun for kids and ensures they get plenty of healthy outdoor exercise. So go ahead and treat your little ones to a garden play thing that will guarantee a simply splashing time!