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Types of  Inflatable Bouncy Castle

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Gone are the days when you’re only option to get hold of a bouncy castle for your children was to hire one out - now you can buy one for less than £50.

A cheap castle in this price range will pay for itself after just a few uses - these inflatable playthings are very basic and ideally suited to young children. If you need a more durable castle for older kids you should take a look at our higher price ranges.

This is a great place to buy a castle as we’ve tracked down the best prices around from shoping giant Amazon.

There’s no end to the fun and excitement when children climb aboard and we also feature the popular Jumpolene, a cross between a bouncing castle and trampoline.

You’ll find bouncer castles here themed on children’s favourite characters including Bob the Builder, Sylvanian Families and Roary the Racing Car - to name just a few.

Just click the ‘Shop Now’ button for full details about each children’s castle.


An inflatable small bouncing castle can be a healthy option - for under £50

These days it can be difficult to persuade children to play outdoors. There are so many electronic gadgets to keep them in the house – computers, television sets and games consoles. Also, many parents fear for their children’s safety and won’t let them venture out alone.

So, how can you ensure that your child is safe, happy and healthy? Well, a castle could be the ideal answer to these questions. If your children are very young you can sit out in the garden and relax while they have fun on a bouncer castle.

Bouncy castles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and even very young children find them fun to play on - a mini or small castle is ideal for very young boys and girls. Some toddlers may need encouraging to venture onto a castle to start with – especially the big castles you see at play groups or summer fairs which can seem very crowded and a bit scary. But there’s no looking back once toddlers and infants gain their confidence on an inflatable garden castle.

However, a castle in your own garden makes an ideal confidence booster for young boys and girls.

Most children take to these castles straight away, but if your youngster is the cautious type it may be worth explaining to them that, on the whole, playing on a bouncer castle is safer than playing anywhere else in the garden because they are made from soft, inflated material which is a safe landing surface.

There are so many cheap bouncy castles for sale and they make ideal birthday and Christmas presents. Boys might enjoy the traditional castles such as B & Q’s Kids Inflatable Castle or something more unusual like the Space Bouncy Castle. Many castles featured here cost under £25, guaranteeing plenty of fun for much less expense than hiring out out one.

If you have a little girl to buy for, why not treat her to a Princess Castle or Belles Inflatable Castle from Amazon. With all these cheap castles to choose from who needs computer games?

Always remember to check the ground for any sharp objects before inflating a castle as you don’t want you kids to be disappointed when their fun is halted due to a burst castle. And always avoid using a castle in very windy conditions. Look after your garden castle and it will last for years and provide your kids with hours of bouncing fun. There are some excellent cheap castles for sale in this prices range so we hope you’ll find one that appeals to your taste.

A bouncing castle in your garden also gives parents a chance to relax outdoors in the sun while their kids jump around all day. And if your little one is too young for these garden castles, mums and dads can consider buying a ball pit which is less intimidating than a large castle, and of course, it’s very safe indeed.

You really can’t go wrong with a cheap inflatable castle if you want a great garden play feature for your children.