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Advice for buying a Bouncy Castle

Types of  Inflatable Bouncy Castle

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BOUNCY CASTLES £50 to £100


A bouncy castle in this price range will stand up to a lot more wild antics than some of the cheaper models which are mainly for very young children.

The inflatable castle has become one of the most popular outdoor features for boys and girls and is a real winner in the summer months, giving kids plenty of fresh air and exercise - not to mention the hours of fun and excitement they are guaranteed to have.

More and more outlets have bouncing castles for sale and we’ve tracked down some of the best prices available - it’s now makes sense to buy a castle rather than hire one out if you’re likely to use one regularly in your garden.

If you want to buy an inflatable castle that’s robust and will last a long time, you may wish to consider investing in more a expensive model which is made from tougher material - there’s nothing worse than a castle splitting just when your kids are having a ball.

For more information our bouncy castles for sale just click the ‘Shop Now’ buttons.


Better to be safe than sorry when using a bouncing castle in your garden

No-one wants to spoil children’s fun with too many rules and regulations but when you buy a bouncy castle there are certain safety issues to consider. You don’t want a fun time on an inflatable castle to end in a trip to the hospital.

Firstly, do you have a safe area in your garden where the castle can be kept away from other obstacles, as well as ditches, nettles, brambles and thorns? Not only can thorns injure children, they can also puncture your castle. Of course, it may be wise to look for castles for sale with a repair kit included.

Is your lawn reasonably flat or is the bouncer castle likely to tip over? Does your garden get particularly windy? If so, consider looking for a more sturdy castle for sale.

Think about who will be using the castle. Overcrowding and boisterous behaviour can spoil what should be a safe and enjoyable experience. A bouncy castle is a fun play thing but parents need to monitor their kids, especially very young ones.

When you choose your castle, whether small or large, consider the manufacturer’s age recommendation.

Having found your ideal castle, make sure children wear appropriate clothing when using it. Shoes should always be removed and children should avoid wearing jewellery and empty their pockets before they step onto the castle. Mini and small bouncy castles are easily torn if there are sharp objects on the ground as they are made with thinner plastic. A large inflatable castle is likely to be a bit more robust and hard-wearing.

Finally, remember young children require a certain amount of supervision. A blow up castle is an easy option for parents, who can sit and enjoy the sun as their children wear themselves out. However, always keep an ear out for arguments and fights – you do not want your castle to turn into a battlefield!

We have some fantastic castles for sale for under £100 for you to take a look at from shopping giant Amazon.

If really is an energy-packed feast of fun for children when they can climb aboard a fantastic bouncing castle with their friends on a warm summer’s day.

If you are willing to spend a little bit more for a garden bouncy castle there are some great products in our £100 to £200 bouncy castle range. There are usually larger than most castles and sometimes have other features like an inflatable slide and paddling pool built into the castle.

It’s important to choose the right size of inflatable castle as you don’t want one which dominates your garden environment and leaves very little space for other activities. We have a great range of mini, small, medium and large castles for sale.