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Advice for buying a Bouncy Castle

Types of  Inflatable Bouncy Castle

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BOUNCY CASTLES £100 to £200


A bouncing castle in this price range is built to last and will provide hours of fun and games for boys and girls.

Some of these castles come with an attached inflated slide and an airflow fan   - they will even stay inflated if pinholes occur so the fun doesn’t come to an abrupt end.

An inflatable castle is a safe option for young children and is the choice of many parents who are apprehensive about trampolines and the associated risks.

These bouncing castles are all brightly coloured and will look a treat in any garden - they’ll certainly help to keep children fit and healthy and bring hours of fun and excitement.

An electric pump means a castle in this price range can be inflated in minutes will pack away tidily for storing in the winter months.

There’s no better place to buy your castle than here - we’ve searched around to find the best prices available at leading shopping giant Amazon.


More than just an inflatable castle - some come with a pool or slide

Although basic cheap bouncers are as popular as ever, there are now some much more interesting bouncy castles for sale including giant models with extras added on such as an inflatable slide or paddling pool.

Bouncing castles with inflatable slides are a huge hit with the kids and they bring double the fun – a modern favourite combined with a traditional playground item. Old metal or plastic playground slides are still popular but inflatable slides are a safer and more comfortable option. Infants and toddlers real love mini and small castles while older kids and teenagers get great fun out of the large and more robust style of castle.

To make life even more exciting, some of the castles with inflatable slides also include a pool area. Bouncing, sliding and splashing - that’s triple the fun! A bouncer castle can be a real feast of fun and excitement.

You can even buy a castle which has been designed as an obstacle course, with tunnels to challenge your youngster - while others even include an inflatable ball and a basketball net!

While children may be interested in how much fun these castles can offer, adults will be looking for bouncy castles for sale with a few extras thrown in, such as a fan, a pump or a repair kit.

An inflatable castle can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes and many have their own ‘character’ - among the choices available are a clown castle, space castle, animal castles and adventure castles.

We have some super castles for sale  in the £100 to £200 price range from UK shopping giant Amazon.

Kids seem to be indoors far too much these days - glued to their computer games consoles or the television set. A bouncy castle is a great magnet for getting them outdoors in the garden for some real fun. Thankfully the days are gone when the only real option for a castle was to rent or hire one out for the day.

Nowadays there’s no shortage of castles for sale online and they are available at very affordable prices. A cheap castle can be less than £50 to buy - but you’ll need to spend a bit more for a large top quality castle. A giant one can also be used as an adult castle if mum and dad want to climb aboard for some fun with their kids.

When you buy a blow up castle it’s an inflatable play feature which you will have available for your children all year round.

There are some really excellent castles in this price range including the Mega castle, the Airflow castle and the Duplay castle. The pink clown, Party Bouncer and Clown Bouncer are particularly popular with families.

We also feature some luxury bouncy castles in our over £200 bouncy castles for sale range.