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Ball pits are all the rage and kids just love to roll around in a pool full of colourful plastic balls in their garden during the summer months.

We have an extensive range of cheap ball pits from top UK toy stores including the Early Learning Centre, Amazon, Ebay, Toys R Us, Tesco, Argos, Sainsburys, Woolworths, The Entertainer Toy Shop and Mothercare - an inflatable ball pit pool will provide hours of fun and excitement for any young boy or girl.

Ball pits are soft and safe and are filled with light multi-coloured balls. They are ideal for toddlers, infants and a baby can even play in a ball pit providing they are supervised constantly by an adult. A cheap ball pit will cost less than £20 to buy.

Ball pits are easy to inflate and can be used outdoors in your garden or indoors during the winter months. We also feature packs of ball pit balls to to fill up you ball pit even more. A small and cheap bouncy castle is also a great garden play thing for young childen.


An inflatable ball pit pool is super fun for infants, toddlers and even babies

An inflatable ball pit is a great choice of outdoor play thing for young boys and girls who are still too small to play safely on a bouncy castle in your garden. We have a huge range of small and larger ball pits for you to take a look at.

We feature plenty of delightful bouncy castles for sale but these are often too big and potentially dangerous for very young toddlers, infants or babies. Little boys and girls of this age are much safer playing around in a ball pit filled with lots of colourful ball pit balls. They really enjoy rolling around in their sea of blue, red, yellow, green, white and orange balls as mum or dad supervise them while relaxing in the garden.

A cheap ball pit will cost less than £20 and we have some top quality inflatable ball pools from leading UK shopping giant Amazon. Yu’ll find ball pits in a host of UK stores these days including Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Argos, Tesco, Amazon, Ebay, Homebase, The Toy Shop, The Entertainer and Sainsburys.

Most ball pits can be inflated by blowing up with your mouth but you can take the hassle out of inflating a ball pit by buying a cheap battery or electric air pump - and once your ball pit is inflated the fun can really begin. It’s very important that a toddler or infant is supervised while playing in a ball pit pool - and this is most certainly the case with young babies. A baby should not be placed in a ball pit unless it is capable of sitting up unaided and mum or dad must always be accompanying their little one.

Many ball pits will come with a selection of small hollow coloured balls, but if you want to fill up the ball pit even more we feature some competitively priced ball pit balls products. A ball pit is a great way to help your young son or daughter develop their eyes, hands and legs coordination skills, while getting plenty of healthy exercise in the process.

Other play things which you may like buy for your garden to add to the fun and games are paddling pools, sand pits, bouncy castles and climbing frames. When your child is a little older they will playing on a small bouncy castle.

If you are buying a ball pit it’s best to pay a little extra for one which is made of heavy duty plastic rather than flimsy and cheap materials. This will reduce the risk the the ball pit bursting if it comes into contact with a sharp object on your lawn.

A great advantage of owning a ball pit is that it can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather, so your infant or toddler can have hours of fun all year long. Children no longer need their parents to take them to a kids play centre to find a ball pit to have fun in - they are readily available to buy online these days so your little ones can really have a ball at home!

The ball pit is fast becoming one of the most popular garden play things for infants and toddlers. It's amazing how many different styles and shapes of ball pits are available these days. The ball pit - also known as a ball pool - will provide young boys and girls with many hours of fun and entertainment in their gardens during the hot summer days.

A ball pit, which is similar in appearance to a paddling pool, will normally come with a quantity of hollow balls of various colours. However you will usually only get around 50 balls included with a ball pit, and sometimes up to 100. This is rarely enough to anywhere near fill a ball pit so, if you want your children to have maximum fun rolling around in a sea of balls, it's best to buy an additional pack of ball pit balls.

The balls are soft and hollow so there's no danger of children hurting themselves when rolling in them or throwing them around. A young child or baby which can sit upright will usually be very content in ball pit, providing a parent is close to hand should they get into any difficulty.

Ball pits are very safe and because a ball pit is inflated it means you're child is always surrounded by something soft. Kids love to submerge themselves in the brightly coloured balls and parents can get a welcome break from keeping their little ones occupied and take some time out to relax in the summer sun.

There are plenty of ball pits themed on kids TV, book and movie characters including Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Cars, Ben 10 and Dora the Explorer. Other popular choices are ball pits designed in the shape or a racing car, giraffe, shark, dinosaur, tent, castle or fire engine.

Pop up ball pits can be in place in seconds with no need to pump them up and pits with a hood roof provide protection from the sun.