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Types of  Inflatable Bouncy Castle

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The bouncy castle has soared in popularity in recent years - and more and more people are buying their own bouncy castle to avoid the cost of hiring or renting one out for the day.

You just can’t go wrong with a children’s inflatable castle in your garden - particularly in the spring and summer months when kids will play for hours on end, bouncing around and having a ball with their friends.

The garden jumping castle craze has hit new heights and this fun feature can be seen all around the UK in pub play areas, summer fairs and a host of other seasonal events. The blow up garden fun attraction is certainly here to stay.

One of the beauties of an inflatable castle is that it’s suitable for children of all ages - infants, toddlers and boys and girls up to their teens love nothing more than slipping off their shoes and climbing on board for fun and entertainment.

The air-filled structure of these attractions means their traditionally very safe - although parents are advised to keep a close watch on their children, particularly the very young, to ensure they play safely and no accidents occur.

Small castles are easily inflated with a foot pump and larger models often come complete with an electric-powered pump which means they are ready to use in no time at all.

It’s wise to buy the best one you can afford to ensure it’s constructed from durable plastic or canvas which will stand the test of time and the battering it will take from kids. A lesser quality model may suffer punctures, although many bouncy castles these days come with a repair kit for patching any holes or small tears in their surfaces.

A punctured castle is certain to lead to tears from your child - so you should ensure any sharp or pointed objects are kept clear of the castle and footwear is always removed before use. Before inflating your inflatable you should ensure there are no stones or objects protruding from the ground where the castle is to be positioned. You should also consider the weather outlook before using a castle in your garden - naturally it shouldn’t be used if high winds are due.

Safety is paramount when using a bouncy castle - young children should be supervised at all times and a castle should never be used in windy conditions - there have been tragic incidents involving young children in the past where castles have been lifted in the sky in heavy winds. A bouncy castle must also be securely anchored to firm ground with attached mooring straps or other suitable methods.

We have a huge range of affordable bouncy castles for sale

We’re confident you’ll be impressed with our range of bouncy castles for sale - with prices starting at around £20 for a small and cheap castle and rising to over £800 for the best top quality castles for sale. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a castle to suit your budget.

These fantastic castles are available to buy in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from a mini bouncy castle that’s ideally suited to infants and small children to a full-size castle, similar to those seen in summer fairs and pub beer gardens. Mini bouncy castle, small castle, large castle, giant castle - we’ve got them all!  We also have several popular castle and slide combo models.

We also feature the Jumpolene from Intex which is a popular cross between a blow up castle and trampoline and is great for young children and can also be filled with ball pit balls for extra fun.

There are plenty of UK stores selling bouncing castles these days including The Kids Window, Wilkos, Sainsburys, Garden Centre Online, Argos, Tesco, Ebay, Smyths, Amazon and ToysRUs. They all operate secure online shopping facilities so you can buy safely from the comfort of your home.

Kids bounce castles are great for birthday parties and special events

A bouncer castle is ideal for birthday parties and special occasions, making a great centre point for your kids’ outdoor activities - and of course, you can always complement your inflatable play thing with other garden attractions such as a bouncy castle slide, trampoline, sand pit, climbing frame or ball pit - you’ll find an impressive range of them for sale here in our other categories of garden play structures. An inflatable castle also gets your kids away from the TV or games consoles for a few hours each day.

A jumping castle is one garden play feature which give parents a welcome break from their kids - mums and dads can sit out in the sun and relax, while their children occupy themselves for hours on their inflatable castle of fun.

Every child has his or her own favourite TV, movie or book character and many inflatable garden castles are themed on these popular characters - among them are the princess castle, Thomas the Tank Engine castle and the clown castle. If you’re looking for a cheap kids bouncy castle for sale you’ve come to the right site.

Garden inflatable castles really are great outdoor features providing lots of healthy fun - and of course this simple play thing gives young boys and girls a welcome break for a few hours from the television, computer games and consoles.

These castles are easy to clean so a good wipe down with a sponge and warm soapy water is all that’s required - and if your inflatable has become particularly grubby it may be time to get out the garden hose!

Size is important when choosing a castle  - it’s important not to buy one which dominates your garden area and leaves no room for other outdoor activities such as dining and playing. Thankfully there are castles for sale in all shapes and sizes there days - from a mini castle for a small garden or patio area to a giant castle for large outdoor areas.

More expensive airflow blow up castles can be very large so it’s important to take the size of your garden into consideration before making a purchase - you don’t want your castle to completely dominate your outdoors space.

It makes sense to read up on tips and advice on buying a bouncy castle before making a purchase.

When the winter arrives it’s simply a case of deflating your castle and packing it away carefully in your garage or storage area - ready for use again when the better weather returns and your children can start jumping for joy again!

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Hours of Fun for Kids on a Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Castle - a favourite with children that’s more popular than ever

Why hire out a bouncy castle when you can buy one and guarantee a fantastic feast of fun and entertainment for your kids - all year round!

Children just love going wild on an inflatable castle - boys and girls of all ages will bounce around for hours in a garden, particularly in the summer months. These inflatables have never been more popular.

It no longer costs a small fortune to buy a decent bouncer castle - a surge in the number of castles available makes it easy to find one to suit your budget. A cheap castle can cost less than £50 while a more expensive deluxe model will cost upwards of £200.

You won’t find a better range of children’s bouncy castles than ours - we’ve tracked down the best prices around from UK shopping giant Amazon. These castles offer a great opportunity for young boys and girls to get plenty of healthy exercise in the garden - while have a great time into the bargain.

Bouncy castles are our speciality but we also feature an impressive range of other outdoor items including trampolines, climbing frames, water slides, inflatable toys and ball pits.

Great reasons to buy a Bouncy Castle

No more charges for hiring a castle - pay once and use your bouncy castle all year round

An inflatable castle is the perfect choice for birthday parties and other special occasions

This plaything gives parents a welcome break while their kids have hours of fun

They are easy to clean, deflate and pack away after use

They are much safer than many other play structures like swings and climbing frames

They are great for giving children plenty of healthy outdoor exercise while having fun too.

Some useful reading: The history of the bouncy castle and inflatable structures


More advice on choosing an inflatable castle below


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